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Thou shall not kill, thou shall not cry,
Thou shall not scream, thou shall not lie.

Tears of innocence fell from grace
But sins committed were not erased,
For the pearl white rose is stained with blood
From murders done in the name of love.

The rosary scattered when your knees hit the floor,
You cried for a savior but he was no more.
Then you saw his face; saw the tears in his eyes
And the scars in your hands gained by his petty lies.

And another player then entered the stage,
And your soul moaned when HE whispered your name.
HE took your hand, pulled you from the floor,
The savior sobbed as you reached for the door.

As you reached for the handle, the savior screamed,
HIS dark eyes watched with a psychopath's gleam.
You took a few steps, doubtfully moving back,
But each step you took was upon broken glass.

HE reached for your hand, placed in it a glass,
The savior grew silent, yet remained steadfast.
They watched your eyes flicker from The Man to a man,
Then you surveyed the drink in the glass in your hand.

You raised the chalice of blood to your lips,
You took a deep breath, then took some sips,
HE started to laugh and the savior smiled,
They stole from you your soul, and you didn't die.

And now here you are, excluded from time,
As the silver bells of eternity chime.
So this is your fate, the product of love,
You're the savior's demon and the Devil's dove.

Thou shall not kill, thou shall not cry,
Thou shall not scream, thou shall not lie.
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May 1, 2010
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