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If I had a guardian angel, he'd play electric guitar.
He'd sit up in the havens on a tiny, forlorn star,
And play to the world he watches,
And pray for the world he knew,
And since he's my guardian angel,
He'd play one for me to.

The chaotic, moaning, screeching, cry,
Would break open the endless sky,
And shatter all the perfect clouds
With it's immaculate sound.

And they would pour down through the tear,
Every single answered prayer
And every child's wish
That had gotten lost along the trip.

He'd release all the answered prayers,
and sooth all the aching cares.
grant every single wish and fulfill every dream,
and send them back to earth to answer every need.

If I had a guardian angel, He'd play electric guitar,
He'd sit above the heavens on a lost and lonely star.
He'd answer the prayers that reach him,
And fix the broken dreams,
And since he's my guardian angel,
Maybe he'll grant one for me.
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July 25, 2010
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