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Caught amongst the rampant race
Staring into heavens face
Wondering if there is a place
For you amongst that empty space

Something kind of like a star
Constant no matter where you are.
So perfectly above the bar
You envy their right to be so far

So daintily far above
The crooked world your supposed to love
But what right have they to sit and judge?
A star knows not of life and love

A star has no urge to kiss and tell
Has never stood at the gates of hell
Has never had to sit and dwell
On just how far he might have fell

A star knows nothing of win and loose
A star fears no hangmans noose
They just sit there, high and aloof
And stare back at the darkened roofs

A stars have a far worse fate
They dwindle outside heavens gate
While they always contemplate
never will they participate

So when next you search for something true
Do not look to the endless blue
For although stars act like they do
In truth they know nothing of you.
Ravimi Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
and she does it again :) ily
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July 5, 2011
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