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Submitted on
June 5, 2011
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I rode on a raindrop
While you lit a shooting star
So you would find your way back
No matter where you are.
And as I tumbled down
into the blue abyss
I watched you streak across the sky
and silently made a wish.
I didn't wish for money,
I didn't wish for fame,
I wished that you would smile
Every time you said my name.
And I was falling fast
As you began to fade,
And a tear escaped my eye
As the night became the day.
And now I'm here alone,
and I don't know where you are,
But when I feel real lonely,
I look for my shooting star.
And now and then I see it,
And now and then it's there,
And it's in those moments
When I'm reminded that you care.
The trail it leaves behind
Is a single fire-streak,
And every time I see it
My soul sighs with relief.
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