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I know the secret God wanted to keep,
And I laid down my hand and said, "Read 'em and weep."
Then he looked at the devil, who nodded his head,
Then looked back at me and smiled as he said
"In knowledge, my child, you win yet you loose,
You are cursed with the will to seek for the truth."
The devil leaned forward in his fit, silk black suit,
Downed a shot and said with aloof,
"He's right ya know, kid,
You're faced with a choice,
Break or bend.
Live or die.
Silence or Noise."
I shook my head, no. I did not understand,
As god stood and left, the devil folded his hands.
He stood and he circled the table and sighed,
"I like you kid, do you wanna know why?
Even here, even now, with now way to win,
You're kicking and screaming, you fight to the end.
You'd think you'd have learned that you're not always strong,
That," He sneered, "you are human,
And you Can be wrong."
And then, my dear friend, he started to laugh,
And with each sickly hiss his voice sizzled and cracked.
"Let me tell you something about life kid,
When you're betting big money, the house always wins."
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July 20, 2011
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