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When we were young
The world was big.
Innocence and treachery lurked
Around every bend.
Angels and demons walked
The streets,
Hand in hand.
We were Fearless.

When we were young
The sky was invincible.
The moon hung limply above,
An opaque and opalescent white,
Forever a symbol of love.
We Were Intrigued.

When we were young
There was now color to rival
The dark blue of the ocean.
The ever-tumbling mass of
Perpetual motion.
Dancing, carrying dreams
Of heroes and villains in far away lands.
We were exited.

When we were young
Our eyes were the gateways to our souls.
Our emotions danced on the edges of our sleeves,
But were never caught.
The barbed wire fence
Was our guarding wall.
We Were invincible.

When we were young
Words had meaning.
The simple echo of a human tap
Of tongue on teeth
Could summon shivers.
A simple wording of
Verbal flame could cleanse the soul.
We were spellbound.

But that was so long ago.
Now the demons hide behind masks,
And men have marred the face of the moon.
The ocean drowns its victims, the world is small.
The guarding wall has long sense crumbled,
And our feelings escaped; we were left empty.
Words are barren of the passion we loved.
But that was back when we were young.
whywouldi Featured By Owner May 1, 2010
LOVE IT!!! I absolutely love it.
twistedscript Featured By Owner May 1, 2010
Thank you very much!
whywouldi Featured By Owner May 1, 2010
no problem
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